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Careers that matter

Be part of the digital revolution

Nortal is the technology powerhouse behind Estonia’s remarkable digital success story as well as projects that have touched the lives of more than half a billion people around the globe. We are now in the midst of bringing the same progressive results to Germany. Our new Düsseldorf office is looking for talented technical and sales staff to help us create meaningful, far-reaching and impactful solutions.



Keystrokes that change the world

Are you the kind of expert who enjoys challenges and yearns for large-scale projects that can help millions? The work Nortal does is some of the most rewarding you’ll find anywhere. Our efforts in Germany will focus on building e-government systems that make society function better, and providing two powerful, industry-boosting tools: Revenue Science and Customer Relationship Management.



Seamless public administration

Nortal has been successfully digitizing governments in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for more than a decade. The solutions we bring not only dramatically cut bureaucracy and save taxpayer money, they also create a positive dynamic where citizens feel like valued customers. Joining our team of digital governance trailblazers, you’ll get to play a key role in building tomorrow’s e-society.


Revenue Science

Data-driven performance

We take companies to the cutting-edge of industry with proven, databased strategies. As one of our Revenue Science experts, you’ll be helping managers understand their clients’ buying journeys and designing processes that maximize revenue, productivity and customer experience.


Customer Relationship Management

Formula for success

A well-implemented CRM ecosystem creates tremendous value for any company, big or small. Nortal has executed more than 100 such projects for multinational clients, automating and integrating their marketing and sales processes to simplify their road to revenue.



Pride in engineering

Nortal values initiative, maintaining a constructive team environment and getting things done. This is what we believe in and what we expect from others. We’re looking for self-starting seniors who can handle the bigger picture, yet don’t mind diving into the details and getting their hands dirty.



Consultant opportunities

Are you a seasoned consultant who wants to learn from our experience while continuing to carve your own career path? We’re on the lookout for top professionals who have a high level of technical expertise in their domains, but who also possess the right business mindset to partner with our clients and understand their strategic goals. If this matches your profile, we’d love to hear from you.


Some of the people you'll be working with:

  • Taavi Einaste

    Head of Nortal Germany

  • Annika Mehlhorn

    Office Manager & HR Admin

  • Tero Malm

    Project Manager

  • Piret Luts

    Head of International Talent Acquisition


Join us in Düsseldorf