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e-governance knowledge export

Lessons from e-Estonia

From June 11 to 15, Nortal will be participating in CEBIT, the world’s largest technology trade show. Let’s talk about making your digital society dreams a reality!


Drop by and ask us a question

When it comes to building effective e-services, Estonia has much to teach the world. Nortal’s message at this year’s CEBIT in Hannover is that the know-how behind the world’s leading e-society is ripe for export.

Nortal is responsible for more than one third of Estonia’s e-government disruption and has worked on numerous government projects elsewhere. CEBIT visitors interested in how Nortal can help them are welcome to visit our shared booth, Hall 14, Stand L35.


E-Government expertise

Few countries have successfully mastered the transition from paper to a seamless digital society. Estonia is an exception. Being true digital governance trailblazers, Estonians can help other governments achieve the same.


Nortal’s offering at CEBIT


Taavi Einaste

Taavi Einaste


Taavi Einaste is an expert in exporting world’s leading digitalization expertise across borders. Since joining Nortal in 2010, he has worked on numerous large-scale projects and reforms, including national level transformation projects in healthcare, public and private sectors. To find out more about Nortal’s offering in digital transformation in Germany, contact him via email.
Hendrik Lume

Hendrik Lume


Hendrik Lume, Partner at Nortal, has spent most of the past decade advising organizations on how to stay ahead of tech disruption and thrive in tomorrow's economy. Relying on his background in both the business and public policy arenas, he is laser-focused on bringing Nortal's experience in building some of the most advanced digital solutions for governments and businesses to our clients. To learn more about our experience, send him an email.
Thomas Kreisig

Thomas Kreisig

Business Director of Western Europe

Artur Assor

Artur Assor

Head of Products and Services in MEA

Artur Assor has been praised for his ability to see the bigger picture and communicate a vision, while at the same time having the capacity to take big projects through change. With more than ten years of experience in the tech industry, he is passionate about finding new ways to take full advantage of the data organizations collect and store. To go into more detail, get in touch with him via email.