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Industry 4.0

Warehouse Management

A warehouse management system (WMS) is software designed to support and control all activities in the warehouse from the receiving of material, put-away and stock keeping to efficient picking, packing and delivery.

A well managed warehouse is crucial to efficient manufacturing and logistics. In fact, even more so nowadays with fierce competition and end-customers expecting timely deliveries and products in stock. Inaccurate stock balances delay production. Picking operations done manually with paper cannot cope with ever faster deliveries. Companies with large inventories are using warehouse management system (WMS) software in order to get detailed overviews of their material flows. With a WMS, the company can oversee the entire process from material arrival to final product shipment.

The WMS is a control tool to know exactly how much material you have and where exactly is it located. It lets you know if you are using every square meter of your warehouse space to the fullest. Optimized picking strategies with scheduled digital tasks shorten travel distances and increase picking efficiency and require less resources. Full control and detailed data of material allows you to better manage warehouse capacity, labor, equipment, customer service and inventory.


How can Nortal help with Warehouse Management?

WMS is an essential part of Industry 4.0. Many mistakes and delays in production are caused as a result of inaccurate and inefficient warehouse operations. Even though logistics has traditionally been considered a cost instead of a value-adding process, many companies start their journey towards smart manufacturing from their supply chain. Nortal delivers highly configurable complete warehouse management systems to customers. We also consult you on how to best design your warehouse processes in order to be more efficient.

Software Suite for Warehouse Management

Aimtec DCIxWMS

DCIxWMS (Warehouse Management System) is a modern online solution for managing complicated logistics processes in warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing companies.

Everything in DCIxWMS is monitored and managed in real-time with a simple control tool. Material movements can be traced in detail, also on an operator level. From when the material arrives to the warehouse, it is compared against purchase orders, call-offs or delivery notes. All received packages or storage units are labelled in the receiving area, quality inspected with various procedures and confirmed for put-away. Receipt confirmation is then automatically transferred via integration to the ERP system. Put-away is controlled by calculating the best possible location for each storage unit and the system guides the forklift driver to the correct location. DCIxWMS is fully configurable to support any kind of picking strategies. Continuous cycle counting is performed without stopping production or warehouse operations. There are easy functionalities for returnables management. Real-time data of empty and full returnables are available without additional back office manual bookkeeping.

Aimtec DCIxYMS

With DCIxYMS (Yard Management System) suppliers or customers or carriers can search for available time windows and directly book the truck loading or unloading.

DCIxYMS is accessible online as a graphical planning board. Booking is validated and checked automatically. The start and end of loading or unloading is registered and the tool provides operators with full control. You can plan the use of your resources more precisely, e.g. how many ramps need to be open, or the necessary number of operators, or which handling devices will be needed at any given time. The interconnection of DCIxYMS with internal logistics processes governed by the WMS (Warehouse Management System) makes the material receipt and shipment process faster and more accurate.


The DCIxJIT/JIS is a specialized solution meant for automated Just-in-Time and Just-in-Sequence deliveries management.

DCIxJIT/JIS uses EDI communication for exchange of messages in EDIFACT, Odette, VDA or ANSI standards. The system takes care of printing labels and collateral documentation. Error free shipments are secured by scanners that scan identification codes. For the JIT delivery execution, it is crucial to prepare a delivery plan based on cumulative figures and to prepare final product picking in accordance with FIFO. During the JIS delivery execution, it is important to order and ship the deliveries to the customer with correct labelling and in a correct sequence according to various shipment methods (A2S – Assembly to Sequence, S2S – Ship to Sequence, Perlenkette).

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