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Visual management
Industry 4.0

Visual management

Your manufacturing facility and your supply chain can be set up so everything you need is visualized and all the information you need to manage your industrial processes is at your fingertips.

A user interface that doesn’t drown you in data lets you assess whole sections with a single glance and know what you are looking for. Know what is coming in and what is going out at all times. Any irregularities will pop out and be recognized as issues.

Gain real-time visibility into production processes from production planning to actual execution and free up time for future development with improved traceability and governance.

Traceability should not focus only on specific processes or materials. You have total traceability of every aspect of business, from materials management to production execution all the way to the most detailed information on who did what and when. Less governance means that operational decisions can be made where the actual work happens, freeing up time for management to focus on future development.

A digital dashboard allows you to monitor and diagnose your equipment and your operations. Managing all physical operations digitally leads to increased operational efficiency. Better visualization allows you to accurately see all transactions, material movements and inventory levels in real-time on a storage unit level, so you can have a reliable stock balance and fast, flexible and error-free operations.

Capture sensor data automatically and provide analysis, anomaly detection and key performance indicators for a clear picture of the current state and health of the assets. Nortal provides answers to what assets are most important, how they should be maintained and how unexpected failures can be avoided. With the ability to quickly assess, diagnose, and even predict conflicts, your digital dashboard will help you to tap into the complete well-being of your machines.