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Industry 4.0

Innovative culture

Better decision-making can be achieved with a common toolset for collective innovation and total company involvement – constant collaboration with stakeholders and coordinated management.

From the suppliers and logistic partners, all the way down to the customer. That is what true total company involvement is about. It is meant to include the entire network, not just a single silo of your company. This advances the idea that everybody is involved in the end result. Better decisions can be achieved by knowing what to communicate with the members of the supply chain and coordinating management transparently.

Often the focus in industrial solutions is solely on technology. But technology itself cannot resolve all problems and challenges of a process. It is in many cases highly dependent on people. The fourth industrial revolution will change the roles and requirements of human resources in the future, but it is still people who drive the change.

With better access to data and better visibility to all operations, people from every level of organization are able to take part in innovation and this fundamentally increases the pace of improvement. Access to data and better visibility to operations also bring about possibilities for stronger collaboration between sites and between different companies as people, processes, and technology are not only interconnected within one factory but to the entire network of companies.

Make working in modern industry smart, innovative and empowering. The typical assumption is that automation and digitalization will make people lose their jobs. Whereas this is true in many areas, the fact is that the nature of work is changing.From repetitive tasks, the nature of work is moving towards innovation and adding value in our new environment driven by technology and information.