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Data Protection

Personal Data Protection

Nortal’s Data Protection is an approach to information security that funnels scattered data streams into a unified pool of data. This builds a holistic view of data characteristics and interactions. Such deep insight prescribes protective measures and builds up into functional Data Protection Policy.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strengthens and unifies personal data protection for individuals within the EU. The EU Member States and companies must comply under the threat of sizeable fines for leakage and non-compliance by May 25, 2018.

Nortal’s big data –based solution to GDPR compliance is a combination of IT services, country-specific legal support and change management.

A unified data lake will replace existing data silos. This will create the capacity for in-depth data analysis and automated data leakage monitoring mechanisms. Then, adequate, insight-based data protection policies will be instituted and organizational changes and knowledge transfer will be carried out.

Our already deployed reference projects are proof that these approaches will significantly lower your operational expenditures. In effect, it will cost you merely a fraction of what the upcoming EU fines would.


How can Nortal help with Personal Data Protection?

You will achieve top-level GDPR-compliance by combining unified data lake technologies with predictive analytics. A big data –based approach consolidates, cleans and enriches your data compared to the operationally expensive, IT-silo or legal mitigation approaches to risk management.

Big data is an inevitable paradigm shift in any enterprise. But at the same time, the pressure of the GDPR presents an opportunity to adopt these expense-reducing and business value –adding technologies ahead of the curve.

Convert your compliance costs into business investments without additional expenses.

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