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Brand visual identity

Our brand is based on certain values – things we believe in. Our visual identity is a set of elements, tools and rules that help to reflect those values in our everyday communications. Using them consistently will help our brand stand out in the market and our business to grow.


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The objective of this manual is to provide Nortal with its own identity, distinct from other entities or organizations. It is a resource that describes the brand with its distinct personality and the global image that identifies it.

Nortal requires that any interpretations take into account the guidelines in this Manual and its established instructions, as well as the restrictions on graphics.

The manual describes the standard uses of the brand. These are rules that are aimed at people who are responsible for the design and creation of all our communication materials.

All applications of the new brand should follow the guidelines described in this brand identity manual.

This manual does not provide an answer to every specific application that may arise, but it is an essential tool for the brand.

The goal is for Nortal to provide a comprehensive overview that identifies the brand and allows the public to immediately recognize any product and message from Nortal.


The logo is like a signature—it is the visual representation of our name. Learn how to use it in the correct way by following the guidelines. It is composed of a sign and a logotype that can be used independently if needed.


Download Logos

Logo Construction

For the creation of the logotype, follow the grid and guides, taking care to use the same space between the characters and their width in the indicated location.

The font chosen for the construction of the Nortal logo is Aktiv Grotesk Bold, a simple and contemporary sans serif font with stylish curves and a pronounced space that complements the sign created for the brand identity.


Sign construction

The construction of the sign is presented here to provide a guide for establishing the correct proportions for reproduction on any medium. These proportions should not be changed under any circumstances.



Logotype construction

Logo Typography Aktiv Grotesk Bold
When constructing the logo, use the font, and do not modify the shape of the characters of the type. Simply add the sign, following the example on the Grid, maintaining the spaces and proportions.


Safe Area

Always maintain the minimum safe area around the Nortal logo to maintain visual clarity and to provide maximum impact.

The minimum protective space of the sign is the X unit.

The minimum safe area for the logo is equal to the X length.

This space is required around all sides of the logo and sign. This applies to positioning around other elements, as well as to the edges, trim and rules of the background field.


Sign safe area


Logo Safe Area

Minimum Sizes

Refers to the smallest size at which the logo may be reproduced to ensure its legibility in any print or screen media.


Minimum screen sizes


Minimum screen sizes


Logotype versions

Each of the logo versions was put together taking into consideration the different media where the logo or the sign could be placed.

Use each of them as indicated in the pictures. Use the black and white logo version only when it is necessary.


Incorrect Uses

Do not alter the Nortal logo in any way. Do not color, rotate, skew, or apply effects to the logo. Do not separate the elements. Never attempt to create the logo, change the font, or alter the size or proportions. Do not put the logo on a tag or alter the space between the Nortal logo elements.



Do not combine the logo with any other elements, such as logos, words, graphics, photos, slogans or symbols, which might seem to create a hybrid image.

Do not display the logo in a way that suggests that a third party’s product is a Nortal product, or that the Nortal name is part of a third party’s product name. Please note: Use of the Nortal logo by a third party requires a license agreement.

Color Palette

The Nortal brand color is green. It is connected to our values and forms the basis of the identity system. A vibrant second color can be used to complement it. Only the following colors should be used in our communication. Make sure to use the correct values for each color space.

Use this brand identity manual as a case example for how to use the color palette.

Main color palette


Secondary color palette

Only use the purple contrast values for the purposes of illustrations, graphs, infographics, or product components. It can be used alone or placed together with the rest of the second color palette.

Only when really needed is it possible to use tints and shades of each color in the palette. The use of these colors varies depending on the touch point, such as shadows, highlights, graphs with a lot of information, etc.


Color weight

The following examples of color weight are merely abstract visual examples of how to use the brand color palette in a consistent and balanced way, keeping the recognition of the brand. Take into consideration that not all cases are applied.


Make sure that Nortal green #009639 is always the dominant color, the next is purple #743ebc, and other colors have the same level of dominance.


Typography is another key element of the Nortal brand in communications, in print, web, mobile and video environments. As with the graphic elements, our typography helps in identifying the brand.

Roboto Light is the primary font that supports all communication materials, and is used for titles and body text.

Other font styles can be used only with the main goal of highlighting.
Use this manual for examples of how brand typography can be used.

Download font


Typography structure


Use the brand layout to arrange the brand elements.
Each format is divided into 12 sections of equal width, which can be divided in two for more advantageous use of the grid when necessary. The logo is placed in the top left corner, 1 section from both edges. The logo’s width is 2 sections (X). The left edge of the margin aligns with the “N” in the logo.


Below is an example of the design for our letterhead, using the brand layout.



Illustrations are a distinctive (and fun) part of our identity. They provide a simple way of showing our main business areas and values.
The illustrations are an original piece of artwork. Please do not try to re-create or reproduce them. If you need adjustments or completely new illustrations, please commission them from the original artist, Ryan Chapman.

Seamless society illustrations

Nortal Values

Nortal Concepts


Nortal photographs and pictures should reflect the brand values and personality of our employees and customers working and living in a seamless society, while retaining the attributes of the Nortal identity.
Follow these guidelines to ensure a consistent brand identity in shooting photographs or selecting pictures. Photographs and pictures should reflect:

Our employees;
Our Mission;
Our Values;
Our Products or Services.

Key Principles

The Nortal photography style is flexible and attainable when the key principles are followed. Always take these into consideration during a photography session or selecting a picture.

1. Real – Natural

Avoid dramatic filters or unnatural photo manipulation, like effects, glows, dramatic filters that could change the color of the skin, futuristic interfaces, etc.
Use natural lighting, do not overuse lights when taking a photograph or selecting a picture, avoid overexposure or unnatural lighting.

People should look real and authentic. Avoid any sense of the shot being staged or posed.

2. Living in a seamless society

• Photographs and pictures should have a story behind them, where the seamless society is present.

People’s personalities and emotions should reflect the benefits of a seamless society (ease of living, transparency, etc.).

Actual technology. Avoid a sci-fi feeling.

3. Nortal green

Nortal Green regular is the main brand identifier. The more you use it, the more easily the public will identify the brand.

• Use green to enhance the backstory and highlight elements, but make sure not to overuse it in wardrobe and accessories; balance photography using brand elements.

4. Simplicity

Keep it free of disorganized and complicated elements.
Use simple compositions.
Balance photography with brand elements; be smooth.


People and Personality

Always keep Nortal’s key principles in mind when taking photographs.

People in the photographs should represent our employees and customers living and working toward a seamless society.



Transparent and honest
Smart and competent



Portraits: Looking at the camera in a rather natural pose, avoid overacted poses.

In action: Natural pose doing an activity, avoiding looking at the camera.


Interacting/In Action: Groups of people ideally not looking at the camera and doing an activity.

TIP: Ideally, use wardrobe and accessories with Nortal Green Regular or a similar color to balance the photograph and communicate our brand, while making sure not to overuse it.


Symmetrical and balanced composition. Use the rule of thirds if possible.

Use a simple camera angle. Avoid extreme close-ups, Low Angle, birds-eye view, fish-eye lenses, etc.

Ideally, use wardrobe and accessories with Nortal Green Regular or a similar color to balance the photograph and communicate our brand. Make sure not to overuse it.

Use natural lighting, do not overuse lights when taking a photograph, avoid overexposure or unnaturally colored lighting.


Treatments might change from photo to photo; adjust it depending on the environment and lighting to keep a similar look and feel.

Use the values below for color treatments and adjust them if necessary to maintain consistency in the look and feel.



Colour Adjustment

Stock photos

Use stock photos for communication materials only as a last resort.

Follow our photography guidelines and keep in mind the key principles when selecting a photograph, then apply treatments to the photograph.

Photographic treatments might change from photo to photo; adjust it depending on the environment and lighting to maintain a similar look and feel.



Nortal icons are based primarily on Google material guidelines, ready to use for web, Android, iOS projects and any type of print material.

Our library is in constant development. To use and create additional icons, please follow the guidelines.

The grid

Icons should be designed on a 20px grid (on a 24px art board) to accommodate icons in applications.

2px of empty space makes up the padding surrounding the 20dp x 20dp live area.
An adequate safe area around the icon (12px) is needed to allow for legibility and


Use shapes as guidelines, as you can maintain a consistent visual proportion throughout the system icons.


Icon creation

Design icons at 100% scale on the icon grid.
Build from foundational shapes: square, circle, rectangle and oval.
Custom curves should be constructed using one of the available circles in the grid.
Use a 1px stroke and end with a ’round cap’.
Use a butt cap to create depth or show overlapping strokes. Keep 1px space between the butt and other elements.
All square and rectangle shapes should use a 2px border radius depending on the size of the shape, and have a minor radius of 1px.

Follow the examples below

Scale 750%

Icons should be designed on a 20px grid (on a 24px artboard ) to acommodate icons in applications.



Use these four color backgrounds to support the identity of Nortal in all communication materials.

Use the special pattern background only for specific communication materials that need a more elegant and distinguished appearance. Follow the brand application section as an example.


Make sure to follow the guidelines to keep the Nortal look consistent, ensuring that each Nortal product is recognized in the same way in different markets over time.

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