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Investor blog

With the right tools, hiring can be easy

by Nortal HQ, August 2, 2017

The pain of hiring can be significantly reduced with the right tools, as we learned when we started using Lever. Since implementing, the time to fill positions has gone down significantly, and so have hiring costs.

In the past, we had become accustomed to tools that couldn’t accomplish everything we needed. Our first legacy applicant tracking system moved too slowly, the applicant tracking system didn’t have many maneuvering options for customization. We wanted to scale rapidly and to do that, needed an agile and customizable solution that would improve the candidate, interviewer, and recruiter experience.

“We are in the business of creating seamless experiences for citizens and their governments,” said Lucian Ivan, Nortal’s Talent Acquisition Consultant. “Lever is creating that seamless experience for our recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.”

Scheduling interviews used to involve days of looking at Excel spreadsheets and jotting down notes based on hiring managers’ calendars. With Lever’s Google Calendar integration, it only takes a few clicks to view the availability of interviewers and schedule them for an interview.

For Summer Uni, we screened 1500 students in 3 weeks, making 43 hires.

Hiring managers also now have more autonomy in every interview process, which has spurred several benefits. First off, Lever gives them immediate insight into our candidates’ respective backgrounds.

“Hiring managers are too busy to spend hours listening to details about candidates,” Ivan said. “With Lever, they don’t have to. We can @mention them on a candidate profile, and they can see their entire interview process in an instant.”

Using Lever, Nortal has successfully hired nearly 100 candidates in six months and decreased overall time to fill by 35%. For our Summer University, we screened 1500 university students in three weeks, making 43 hires.

Lever provides the data we needs to make smarter hiring decisions, and we use it to convey the value of recruiting to their executive team. “Using Lever’s metrics, we showed that we were losing candidates because we weren’t engaging them fast enough,” Ivan explained. “That increased the executive sponsorship of our recruitment team, and we were able  to grow from 3 to 6 recruiters.”

You can read more about Nortal’s experience with Lever from their website.