Press release: Federal Minister Dr. Volker Wissing visited Nortal – exchange on digital and innovation policy in Estonia

February 21, 2023

(Berlin, 21.02.2023)

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are role models when it comes to digitization. They rely on innovations and digital strategies for their economic development. Last week, Federal Minister Dr. Volker Wissing gained an impression on site. In the process, he also visited Nortal, a specialist in digital transformation, at its office in Tallinn. Nortal builds a bridge between the countries through digitalization projects in Estonia and Germany as well as the exchange of experiences.

Germany can learn a lot from the Baltic states, thinks Volker Wissing. The Federal Minister for Digital Affairs and Transport is therefore seeking intensive contact – in the interests of good regulation in Europe that is open to innovation and technology. One focus of his trip to the Baltic States, which took him to Nortal, among other places, was digital policy, which is being pursued ambitiously in the Baltic states. Volker Wissing is seeking closer cooperation.

During an evening reception, Wissing met with representatives of the Estonian IT industry at Nortal’s office in Tallinn. He promoted an intensification of the exchange of experience between Germany and the Baltic states and his idea of an innovation club for Europe. Spontaneously, Nortal CEO Priit Alamäe declared the evening reception the inaugural meeting of the Estonian section of the German-Baltic Innovation Club.

Germany can learn from digitalization in Estonia

Nortal has Estonian roots, nearly 2,000 employees and global operations. The company has been involved in about 40 percent of all digitization projects in Estonia over the past 20 years. Among other things, Nortal has played an integral role in the development of about 40 percent of e-Estonia, one of the most advanced digital societies in the world. In Germany, Nortal is also driving digitization for the private sector and government through its five sites here. For example, the company has played a key role in the e-billing and bliggit (city app for Wuppertal) projects, as well as serving as a data trustee in healthcare, digitizing IHK organizations, and more.

Nortal accordingly has deep experience in building a digital state. The company leverages this expertise to help governments around the world move government, healthcare and business forward.

Priit Alamäe, CEO at Nortal, says, “We recognize that the path of digitalization is unique to each country and requires a deep understanding of both local conditions and global technological developments. However, basic ideas and approaches can be adapted. We support Germany’s efforts to establish a German-Baltic innovation club with our expertise. We believe that collaboration is the key to implementing digitization, sustainability and efficiency across the board.”

Priit Alamäe

Priit Alamäe

Founder & CEO Nortal

Priit Alamäe founded Nortal in 2000 as a 22-year-old visionary. Today the company is a multi-national strategic change and technology company dedicated to bringing about eTransformations in private companies, government agencies and entire societies across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the USA. Under Alamäe’s leadership,...

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