The human factor – our secret weapon in Neste’s MOM project

Nortal HQ, September 22, 2020

Over the course of one year Nortal helped Neste to deliver an IT system that is now live in over 30 sites in the Baltics, Sweden and Finland. This is a complex SAP integrated real-time solution which covers logistics movements in Neste’s global supply chain. Minimum service breaks, harmonized processes, great business feedback. This has been a real success story!

And the key ingredient, as always, has been close cooperation and true partnership where all the people involved have been willing and ready to go the extra mile for each other. „I believe that the real key to our success has been that we have brought Neste together with Nortal to create one excellent team, including IBM and Capgemini as well as other partners,“ says Jyrki Minkkinen, Senior Business Architect, Program Beagle at Neste.

Nortal was Neste’s main partner to develop and roll-out this new solution. Although latest DevOps practices, Kubernetes clusters in the cloud and containerized services are essential part of our delivery, it is truly the human factor that took this project to the next level.

Read more about the project and our genuine and close cooperation in the blog post by Jyrki Minkkinen, Senior Business Architect, Program Beagle at Neste.


Erno Runola

Erno Runola

Business Area Director, ELI (Energy, Logistics & Industry)

+358 40 771 9500

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