Thanks for the skills boost, EU!

by Nortal HQ, November 15, 2017

Sixty employees at Nortal's Lithuanian branch are about to have their professional skills boosted thanks to newly acquired support from European Structural Funds.

Sixty employees at Nortal’s Lithuanian branch are about to have their professional skills boosted thanks to newly acquired support from European Structural Funds.

In a world where talent upskilling is on everybody’s mind, Nortal is glad to announce our Lithuanian branch has been awarded a co-financed training grant to enhance local employee training, for example, to deepen IT platform know-how and software development.

As a company that encourages life-long learning, we are happy to have a chance to also provide a wide range of networking and communication courses that help our people to perform even better for our clients.

“Having our grant application approved is a huge win for Nortal and for Lithuania as a whole because it helps us participate in our region’s economy with greater impact,” explains Siim Sutrop, Learning and Development Architect at Nortal. “The investment in our skills is going to have a big payoff. We’ll see a real difference once we can start applying them, which should be fairly soon.”

The technical training, which will be conducted partly in Lithuania and partly at Nortal HQ in Estonia, will cover a wide range of current domain topics.

Up-skilling Nortal’s competences in different areas thanks to #EU! #LifeLongLearning

“The technology and international communication training grant supports talent growth and business directions. We have a lot of talented people here – and offering them a wider range of professional learning is to everybody’s benefit,” enthuses Mindaugas Taraila, Team Leader at Nortal. “I believe maintaining and constantly improving our competences is the key ingredient in the recipe for success in the global market.”

Project activities have already started and will run through to September 2020. The project is co-financed by the European Structural Funds under the “Training for Employees of Foreign Investors” program.

As we are constantly hungry for new, talented people, you can also become a Nortalist and gain from these activities. Check our careers page to see what we have to offer.

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Nortal UAB įgyvendina projektą “NORTAL UAB DARBUOTOJŲ KVALIFIKCIJOS KĖLIMAS“, Nr. 09.4.3-ESFA-T-846-01-0005. Projektas bendrai finansuojamas iš Europos struktūrinių fondų paramos, teikiamos pagal 2014–2020 m. Europos Sąjungos fondų investicijų veiksmų programos 9 prioriteto “Visuomenės švietimas ir žmogiškųjų išteklių potencialo didinimas” priemonę Nr. 09.4.3-ESFA-T-846 “Mokymai užsienio investuotojų darbuotojams”. Projekto įgyvendinimo pradžia – 2017 m. rugsėjo mėn., pabaiga – 2020 rugsėjo mėn. Projekto įgyvendinimo tikslas – įmonės darbuotojų specialiųjų gebėjimų stiprinimas. Projekto įgyvendinimo metu bus tobulinama darbuotojų kvalifikacija, ugdant specializuotas profesines žinias bei įgūdžius, reikalingus konkrečioje darbo vietoje. Numatoma apmokyti 60 specialistų. Darbuotojai bus mokomi verslo anglų kalbos, profesinių žinių ir įgūdžių (dalis mokymų vyks Lietuvoje, dalis – motinėje kompanijoje (Estija)).



Siim Sutrop

Siim Sutrop

Siim Sutrop, Learning & Development Architect at Nortal, has a mission to support people in their journey of growth. Having worked for years as a system analyst, Sutrop is now invested in crafting better learning and development opportunities for Nortal’s staff. Find out how you...
Mindaugas Taraila

Mindaugas Taraila

Mindaugas Taraila, Team Leader at Nortal, is an experienced business analyst and consultant. With more than ten years of experience in the tech sector, he feels right at home with topics related to e-commerce, banking and the telecoms sector. To learn more about how Taraila...

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