Nortal to develop system issuing €2 billion in social subsidies

by Nortal HQ, April 26, 2018

Nortal is going to build a new system for the Estonian Social Insurance Board that will serve approximately 700,000 people monthly, distributing more than 20% of the country’s annual budget each year.

The system will process more than €2 billion of pensions and benefits annually and is one of the most complex and large-scale IT undertakings in Estonia for the next couple of years.

“It makes us proud the government is trusting us to build such a strategically important system,” said Andre Krull, a member of the Management Board at Nortal. “We are very excited to start this journey.”

System ensures accessibility to critical services

“The most vulnerable groups of the society rely on these pensions and benefits,” he said. “With the new system, they’ll be getting a better service.” Krull added that the scope of the project, which is expected to take about four years to complete, is remarkable. “Over 50% of the Estonian population receives social insurance benefits and pensions each month in some form from the Social Insurance Board.”

Nortal’s new IT system will serve 700,000 people monthly, distributing more than 20% of Estonia’s annual budget each year

Building this system is an example of the large-scale transformation and change management projects that Nortal is known for.

During the course of the project the internal processes of Social Insurance Board will be redesigned and the services reshaped based on end-user needs.

The Estonian Social Insurance Board director, Egon Veermäe, said it is important that the board’s services be developed in ways that are understandable and easily accessible without having to submit application.

“The e-channels will make communication with the Social Insurance Board more efficient and less time consuming,” Veermäe said. “It is also important to have integrations between different systems so that a person would not have to resubmit the data or documents already submitted once to the state or locally to municipalities.”

Andre Krull

Andre Krull

Member of the Management Board

Andre Krull, a member of the Management Board at Nortal, has been with the company since its early days in the beginning of 2000s. As a business unit manager and COO formerly, he has played an integral role in shaping Nortal into a multinational strategic...

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