Q&A with Nortal U.S. Recruiting: Navigating a New Normal

by Nortal Cloud team, May 26, 2020

If you have found yourself job hunting during this time, it’s crucial to adjust your strategy to stand out from the talent pool. We turned to our talent acquisition team, Malia Jorgensen and Maria Nikoletich, for their advice on navigating this new normal and insight into how Nortal is adjusting.

What is a good strategy for interviewing better virtually?

Having a clear understanding of the company’s culture is imperative during the interview process, which can be challenging to grasp when talking over video calls. Don’t be afraid to ask for additional touchpoints with different people or teams to probe about the company culture or potential responsibilities. Being proactive in understanding your prospective employers work environment will show interest and dedication in finding the right fit.

“When you are interviewing in person it’s easy to get a sense of culture, but a video chat is two-dimensional. It requires you to ask more detailed questions about the people, culture, and the environment than you normally would in an office environment.” – Malia

How can you stand out from the crowd right now? 

Every candidate alongside you is submitting a resume and cover letter, so it’s a great time to use remote interviewing to your advantage. You don’t normally have the opportunity to present personal projects during an in-person interview, so take the time to show and tell potential employers your passions that are related to the job you are trying to get.

“Candidates can stand out by showing a project that they are working on, so don’t be afraid to showcase it and talk about it, it gives us the opportunity to get to know you from a different perspective which is valuable.” – Maria 

Transparency is a best-practice for recruiting and even more important now. Can you speak to how Nortal maintains transparency throughout the hiring process? 

When first speaking with a candidate, we give as much history and information about the project, team culture, and hiring manager as possible. Once we ask candidates about their background, we give an overview of what the job responsibilities are and what interview process looks like moving forward. Our team leaves the door open for follow-up questions and conversations in case candidates need it. If there are any roadblocks throughout the hiring process then we address them quickly.

“We set project and culture expectations clearly upfront so nothing comes out of left field for candidates in the interview process or once they join the team.” – Maria

Malia, you’ve been with Nortal for almost eight years now. How do you think Nortal compares to other software consulting companies? 

There are a few things that we differ on from other consultancies. One of the differentiators is that we often do mission critical projects, meaning that clients are counting on our developers to create a solution to move the need at their company in some capacity. We also invest a lot of time into the interview process which reduces turnover and ensures employees are the right cultural and technical fit. Additionally, our teams value craftsmanship. People are constantly looking for ways to improve their skill set and technology stack.

Nortal truly cares about the professional development and wellbeing of its employees. This is evident through the generous benefits package as well as the continued education and paid certification program. The organization is truly flat and advancement is based on performance, so it’s a place where individuals can grow in their career. Lastly, a majority of the work that we do is truly consulting in nature so our developers stay engaged and challenged in their projects.

How do you think Nortal culture and values are shining in light of the pandemic? 

Working for Nortal means that you are part of a tight-knit community. That is reflected right now through the addition of benefits and remote events that go a long way in helping employees stay engaged during this time of uncertainty. For example, there is now a reimbursement program for individuals to purchase at-home office equipment.

Our company values openness and honesty across every team. With that in mind, the leadership team has increased the frequency of communication and created new avenues for feedback in an effort to address employee questions and concerns in a timely manner.

“Nortal is maintaining a strong internal connection through unique remote events and health offerings – which goes to the point of them caring about their employees.” – Maria

When people start a new job, how would you recommend connecting with their new colleagues while we work remotely?

Once you land the job, make a point to get involved! Attend company events and participate in engagements that are available so that you can build rapport with colleagues that you might not otherwise work with. This will also help you acclimate quickly to the work culture once the company goes back into the office.

“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and reach out to people you haven’t met yet.” – Maria

Do you have questions about life at Nortal or one of our open roles? Reach out to our talent acquisition team for more information!

Malia Jorgensen

Malia Jorgensen

Director, Talent Acquisition – North America

As the Director, Talent Acquisition, I am passionate about growing our teams and building personal relationships.  I’m always open to connecting with new people and learning more about their interests.
Maria Nikoletich

Maria Nikoletich

Recruiter and People Person

Maria is passionate about delivering an exceptional candidate experience while helping to build strong performing engineering teams here at Nortal.

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