Podcast: Now is the time for bold decisions

Nortal HQ, December 14, 2020

COVID-19 has created an environment that has accelerated innovation since plan A isn’t an option anymore. This holds true in designing new solutions and services and on a personal level when redesigning one’s work and life arrangements. In the midst of corona this spring, our UX and Service Design Lead, Helen Kokk, spoke with Lance Shields from Adobe in a Recliner Designer podcast about how to stay on top of the game during a pandemic.

Tune in for the full interview with Nortal’s UX and Service Design Lead, Helen Kokk, here:


In addition, we asked Helen Kokk a couple of questions to summarize the main changes that have influenced designers’ lives during the pandemic. Here’s a brief recap:

  1. The world is receptive to innovation

“Ideas that were considered utopian before are becoming the new normal at a mind-blowing rate. A significant leap is occurring specifically in contactless interfaces, starting from voice-control devices and gadgets to body-motion-based solutions.”

  1. Accelerated adaption to changes

“The rapid changes in technology concurrently provoke speedier adoption for the consumers. Hence, people who were not usually early adopters now have to be. This creates a challenge for designers to make it as easy as possible to habituate to new digital services and products.”

  1. Out-of-the-box approach requires broader skillsets

“Now is the time and place for designers to broaden their skillsets to stay on top of the game. The innovation race rewards only the dedicated. In terms of trends, Design Thinking is becoming the go-to approach for product designers who want to explore the possibilities of innovation solving today’s challenges.”

About the podcast “Recliner Designer”

Interviews with designers during a pandemic. The Zoomed-out, 7-days-in-the-same-sweatpants stories of designers around the world during COVID-19. This podcast was created and hosted by Lance Shields, Head of International Design at Adobe. For more, visit: https://reclinerdesigner.com

Helen Kokk

Helen Kokk

Partner and Creative Lead

Helen Kokk, User Experience and Service Design Lead at Nortal, has almost 15 years of experience with user experience and user interface design. She’s passionate about entrepreneurship, branding and identity. She would be happy to help you rethink the UI and UX for your services.

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