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Piret Ploom, Nortal’s HR Generalist, December 11, 2018

Being able to choose the time to work, and the tools and methods to get the work done, we are more oriented toward results and no longer used to anybody telling us when or how to complete our tasks. So why should we follow old, standardized routines in HR, asks Nortal’s HR Generalist Piret Ploom.

More and more companies are recognizing individuality and personal preferences and are shifting away from uniform solutions when it comes to how we work.

This paradigm shift also comes with new expectations for processes and how we evaluate work and performance. But change is hard to come by because, according to Global Human Capital Report 2018 by Deloitte, 91 percent of companies are still sticking with the conventional practice of conducting salary reviews merely once a year or less.


Out with the old and in with the personalized

We all know that traditional one-size-fits-all processes — like standardized tests, performance reviews, and uniform onboarding that provides little to no additional value — belong in the dustbin of history. Personalized tools that are able to address each employee’s individual needs, and to truly help pinpoint top talent, are what both employees and managers now demand.

Take the biannual performance reviews as an example —nobody is looking to receive feedback on their work with a six-month delay. The communication and feedback between employees and supervisors needs to be a constant and ongoing process, part of an everyday routine, and one of the pillars of any organization’s culture.

Internal mobility

The same goes for how we shape work experiences and look at talent. Careers today are viewed with a much wider lens than in the past — it is not simply a one-way street up the proverbial corporate ladder to the next more prestigious job title. We are all looking for experiences and meaning in what we do, with most of us ready and interested in re-inventing ourselves time and again throughout our careers.

However, there is no one universal formula that ensures ever-lasting satisfaction in any occupation, and this is where the need for personalized HR that shapes employee experiences comes in again.

A Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2018 survey highlights that, for 86 percent of employees, availability of career opportunities is the major reason they are either staying in the organization or deciding to leave.

This means that making internal mobility, and career guidance and counseling, available is not simply a nice widget but an absolute must-have in order to keep the talent. At Nortal, we offer our employees the opportunity to move between different teams and participate in multiple projects. From the individual’s perspective, working on different projects keeps them feeling challenged and motivated and gives them a chance to diversify their job experience.

At Nortal, we offer our employees the opportunity to move between different teams and participate in multiple projects. #PersonalizedHR

Sustainability via personalization

But it is not just meeting individual goals that internal mobility achieves, it is also good for general integration. People participating in several projects, or moving within the company, enhances cooperation by ensuring the spillover of experience and contacts between different teams and departments.

Personalized HR helps build sustainable relationships with employees and not just attract, but also retain, the brightest and most motivated talent. Our people are our greatest asset!


Piret Ploom

Piret Ploom

HR Generalist

Piret Ploom is a HR Generalist at Nortal with previous interrelated experience during her human resources career in the areas of recruitment, succession planning, career coaching and more. She is a genuine people person who believes every organization should provide the best possible tools to...

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