Nortal unveils new service brand “pwrteams” for building multi-site technology teams

December 1, 2022

Digital transformation and strategic change company Nortal, who announced acquiring Skelia earlier this year, an international leader in building cross-border IT organizations, launches new service brand “pwrteams.” The brand builds on Skelia’s strong experience extending customers’ internal technology and engineering teams and delivering high-demand specialized talent. 

 “Launching pwrteams is the next natural step on our growth journey, adding a new business model that enriches our existing offering. pwrteams, which stems from Skelia’s rich legacy of building strong cross-border teams, complements our concept of Seamless Teams that delivers tailored ecosystems and future solutions that are seamless, resilient, and smart for governments, large healthcare providers, and enterprises,” commented Priit Alamäe, CEO and founder of Nortal. 

Patrik Vandewalle, CEO of pwrteams and co-founder of Skelia, added that pwrteams was launched to meet the current need and future growth potential for dedicated teams. 

“By providing increased flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing business environment, pwrteams aims to become the international leader in building cross-border dedicated IT and engineering organizations. We equip customers with a high-demand talent pool to extend their businesses with speed, stability, and scale. The pwrteams remote ecosystem follows uncompromised security and quality standards that we steadily improve together with top IT talent at Nortal,” Vandewalle added. 

pwrteams will offer its services through a network of service centers in Poland, Lithuania, Serbia, Estonia, and Ukraine. 

About pwrteams 

pwrteams is a Nortal Group company that replaces Skelia’s brand on and after December 1, 2022. pwrteams combines more than 14 years of Skelia’s success in building stable cross-border teams with Nortal’s global reach, backed by a strong track record and technical leadership. 

Nortal is a fast-growing, impact-driven global company and a strategic partner for healthcare institutions, governments, leading businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. With a strong physical presence in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, and a global talent pool, the company can shape tailored ecosystems and future solutions that are human, data-driven, and safe.   


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