Nortal starts operations in Ukraine and Poland

December 5, 2022

Digital transformation and strategic change company, Nortal, starts operations in the Ukrainian and Polish markets following its acquisition of Skelia, an international leader in building cross-border IT organizations. Nortal will start operating through Skelia’s former offices in Kyiv, Lviv and Krakow while uniting current Skelia employees with its global talent pool. 

Kadi Tamkõrv, Head of People & Culture at Nortal, said that Ukraine and Poland have been on Nortal’s radar for a long time for their highly skilled tech talent and convenient geographical location that allows seamless delivery to European, Canadian, and U.S. customers. 

“The IT industry in Ukraine and Poland is mature, which makes it resilient and offers a vast talent pool with diverse expertise. We are motivated to continue our growth journey in Poland, while building on Skelia’s strong legacy,” added Tamkõrv.  

All of Skelia’s employees will continue to enjoy the previous advantages granted by Skelia while receiving the additional benefits offered by Nortal, such as rich learning opportunities, a global relocation program, extended career paths in Nortal Group, and more. 

Patrik Vandewalle, CEO and co-founder at Skelia, said that rebranding Skelia’s offices to Nortal Ukraine and Nortal Poland mark an important milestone in becoming a part of the global Nortal community, stretching across 24 locations in North America, Estonia, Finland, Germany, UK, Ukraine, Poland, United Arab Emirates, and Oman. To support its continued global customer demand and ambitious growth plans, Nortal Poland and Ukraine are looking for more than 50 IT professionals to join the company in the coming months. 

“Changing our employer brand to Nortal hasn’t taken away anything that our employees used to value in Skelia but only enriched it with a broader offering. Furthermore, Nortal has dedicated a special fund to support Ukraine in these difficult times, which our colleagues highly value,” added Vandewalle. 

Please visit our websites to learn more about Nortal Ukraine and Nortal Poland and check out our job opportunities. 


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