Nortal AS calls to redeem its outstanding EUR 27,068,000 notes with ISIN: FI4000260856

by Nortal HQ, May 29, 2019

Nortal AS (“Nortal“) hereby announces that Nortal’s EUR 27,068,000 senior unsecured fixed rate notes with ISIN FI4000260856 (the “Notes“), will be redeemed in advance in accordance with Clause 8.3 (Voluntary total redemption (call option) of the terms and conditions of the Notes. The redemption is subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions.

The redemption date will be 26 June 2019 and the redemption amount for each Note shall be the applicable call option amount (being 100 per cent. of the Nominal Amount plus 50 per cent. of the Interest Rate (calculated on the Nominal Amount for one year)), plus accrued but unpaid interest. The redemption amount will be paid to the noteholders holding Notes on the relevant record time (being 25 June 2019).

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For further information, please contact:
Neringa Narbutienė, CFO
Tel: +370 (680) 21 366


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