JCON 2022: Effective Design of RESTful APIs

Nortal HQ, November 16, 2022

Nortal's Solutions Architect Mohamed Taman took the digital stage at JCON-ONLINE 2022 Java community conference and shared his experiences designing, modeling, and verifying RESTful APIs before jumping into his favorite language. Furthermore, he presented the methodology and steps to understand any architecture's six REST design constraints.

Even though we are in a mature era of API development, and everyone seems to know about REST, it is still a common problem to design good APIs to serve the client, and that could seamlessly be subject to change to provide more business functionalities with fewer challenges along the way.

Developers and architects creating or designing websites and apps need to know how to build RESTful APIs correctly and effectively. Those APIs serve many channels – mobile, microservices, public APIs, IoT, integration, and sometimes even all of them.

If you need to become more familiar with the techniques mentioned above or want to solidify your knowledge for standardizing RESTful API development, this is the talk for you.



About JCON-ONLINE 2022

JCON is the big international Java community conference. JCON is organized by JAVAPRO – the first professional magazine for Java, free of charge – together with Java User Group Oberpfalz. The 6th edition of JCON was presented as an online conference. All sessions were streamed live and recorded. For more, visit: https://2022.jcon.one/

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