Germany has huge potential to create a robust public health sector

by Nortal HQ, October 9, 2019

In September 2019, Nortal’s health industry consultant Silver Mikk participated as a speaker at the Experts Lounge “Digital Transformation” in Berlin. About 30 experts from the health industry came together to discuss digital health strategies in the context of statutory health insurance.

Silver Mikk, solution consultant for the health industry at Nortal GmbH, emphasized why the digital transformation in Germany lags on an international scale and where he sees capabilities for the future. As an expert in the development of applications and their implementation in Estonia, Mikk underlined the tremendous potential in Germany to create a strong public health sector, even considering German data protection.

“On its way to a seamless digitalization of society, Estonia focused on solving the most important issues by creating individual projects. I would suggest not to despair of all the barriers and snags, but rather strictly and rationally concentrate on solving the problems,” Mikk said.

The experts were convinced that the health insurance industry needs to be involved in the digitalization process. Furthermore, a framework for electronic prescription processes that meet the requirements of the stakeholders and patients must be formed.

They also noted that the digital transformation of health systems is different in every country. Most countries are still in the development stage, but trailblazers like Estonia teach others valuable experiences, including strong-minded political support, closer collaborations, new financing models and digital initiatives. All of which are needed to create and implement digital application-oriented solutions effectively.

More about the Experts Lounge dialog on “Innovators in the health sector: digital services on an international comparison” can be found HERE.

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