Change alert: DeepScan is now DataRadar

by Nortal HQ, May 7, 2018

Nortal’s award-winning data discovery product has a new name. Say hello to DataRadar.

Formerly known as DeepScan, DataRadar is a powerful tool for companies working to beef up their privacy protection systems.

Artur Assor, Nortal’s head of data protection, explained that the rebranding aims to create a more accurate impression of what the product actually delivers. “It does a lot more than just ‘scan.’ It really shines the light on data in unprecedented ways. We wanted the name to reflect that.”

DataRadar performs a detailed sweep of the entire body of data held by an organization, identifying data such as personal or business information that may require protection.

Say hello to DataRadar, a powerful tool for companies working to beef up their privacy protection systems.

Results are then presented in a visual dashboard, creating an overview of the organization’s data as a fact-based data map. That map not only pinpoints problematic data, it also gives insights into data quality, duplication and consistency that allow the company to improve its protection methods.

Likening this data tool to a radar system, Assor said, better indicates the level of visualization and control that the tool provides.

Clear skies, safe business

Interest in DataRadar is now at an all-time high, particularly among companies subject to the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation, which takes effect on May 25.

Assor noted that the pending arrival of GDPR, coupled with recent, high-profile news coverage of data privacy issues, has made companies more mindful of the business risks associated with personal data. Managers are finally seeing data protection as a risk management issue.

“Data control and data protection are really about safeguarding your company’s bottom line,” Assor said. Companies that don’t take control of their data not only face large fines under GDPR, they face damage to reputation, which can become even costlier.

Like its counterpart in aviation, DataRadar can be seen as part of a defense system. Otherwise hidden risks show up as figurative blips on the screen and can then be dealt with. Also like real-world radar, DataRadar is meant to be used regularly, with periodic sweeps providing an up-to-date, hi-res image of the company’s data landscape.

“It’s not a one-shot process,” Assor said. “Things change, so companies have to stay alert and agile when it comes to mitigating data protection risks.”

To find out how DataRadar can help your company navigate the tricky world of data protection, get in touch with us!

Artur Assor

Artur Assor

Business Area Director, Africa

Artur Assor has been praised for his ability to see the bigger picture and communicate a vision, while at the same time having the capacity to take big projects through change. With more than ten years of experience in the tech industry, he is passionate...

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