Avoid the Crushing Cost of Technical Debt

Nortal HQ, May 11, 2023

Technical debt can become a major financial burden for finance chiefs, as its accumulation can put unnecessary strain on IT resources and budgets, writes Nortal’s Chief Product Officer Jon Stephens in 

While there are many types of tech debt, Stephens argues via that the problem is relatively straightforward and affects every company that builds or modifies software. As companies add features or develop IT systems, they often take shortcuts instead of a better approach that would take more time. The shortcuts can lead to subpar system performance, vulnerabilities, and outages. And that’s how “debt” builds up over time, much like credit card debt.

Read the piece on, what are the consequences and solutions to settle the technical debt. 

Jon Stephens

Jon Stephens

Chief Product Officer at Nortal

Jon is responsible for Product and Customer Experience at Nortal. He has spent the past 20 years shaping and delivering complex product and experience-led transformation and innovation programmes for global clients such as AstraZeneca, Virgin Atlantic, Vodafone, Sky and the UK government.

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